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Companies today face an increased level of claims and litigations in the course of their operations, whether directed against it or made by it, and this had led to a higher demand for professional services whereby experts in their respective fields put together detailed reports on the economic effects that have originated from acts carried out by the company or through third parties.

Alesco Partners boasts a team of experienced experts capable of producing and delivering comprehensive and detailed reports that explain the facts in layman's terms to people who do not have an extensive finance background, such as Judges, prosecutors, lawyers, etc.

We pay particular attention to this aspect as we believe setting out facts in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner is vital so that they can be assessed by all parties involved in a judicial or arbitration proceeding which can prove decisive in determining the outcome.

The wealth of experience we have accumulated in our respective fields allows us to offer expert services in relation to the following:

    • In the commercial field: Acts of unfair competition, liability actions against the administrators, a divergence between shareholders, intellectual property claims, claims within bankruptcy proceedings, …

    • In the workplace: Reports that justify the reasons for dismissal, reports supporting the reasons for collective dismissals, temporary employment regulation scheme, claims for payment from dismissed workers, …

    • In the Civil sphere: Primarily related to the valuation of damages and fair pricing -emerging damages and lost profits- due to breach of contract, early termination of contracts…

    • On Criminal matters: relating to the examination and quantifying of facts of a fiscal nature that could lead to a tax crime, related scams, embezzlement, misappropriation and other misdeeds.

    • In Contentious Administrative matters: relating to public administrations patrimonial liabilities, expropriations and fair pricing…


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