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Valuation and Sale Services

The decision-making process involved in buying and selling businesses, companies, and corporations is complex and requires much analysis. Both the buyer and the seller are subject to a series of obligations and guarantees towards each other, resulting from the signed purchase and sale contracts. Receiving the proper advice on these processes can be the key to their success or failure.

With regard to these areas, Alesco offers the following services:

  1. Performing accounting and financial “Due Diligence”, whether commissioned by the buyer or seller, to identify potential risks and contingencies as a basis for negotiation and in turn achieve a successful outcome.

  2. Business valuations. Utilising the different valuation techniques recognised in the market, you can provide a range of values to be assigned the business or company that you wish to transfer or acquire.

  3. Preparation of sales notebooks. In order to sell a company on the market, it is necessary to value the activity it carries out and prepare the proper documentation that allows a third party to independently assess the company's ability to generate business via its range of products or services, logistics, marketing systems, the current state of finances, the main assets and employment situation. The document should demonstrate the strengths of the company and the reality, which can include its weaknesses. There is no point hiding something that will eventually come up during the sale's process and potentially end up derailing the transaction. In situations like these, "time is money", and so providing documents that deliberately cover up certain aspects will not only be detrimental to the sale itself but will also potentially affect additional sales opportunities.


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