Auditing and Related Services

Auditing Services


1 Auditing of a company's annual accounts, whether individual or consolidated.

Auditing of the annual accounts consists of verifying the information in said accounts to ascertain if they reflect the true nature of the company's assets, financial situation and results of the audited entity under the applicable regulatory framework of financial reporting; it shall also include alongside, where appropriate, a verification of the management's report.

At Alesco, we are fully aware of the difficulties involved in changing auditors insofar as the depth of knowledge acquired during the initial audit of a company is significantly greater than in the following years, which in turn suggests a more significant workload for the company being audited.

Our philosophy of working and approach to this situation is through maximum collaboration. The idea is that the entity's initial effort to transmit information about it ultimately is not lost/wasted. To this end, we commit to keeping the same staff who developed the work from the outset and, as their careers progress, we endeavour to train their replacements so that they have detailed knowledge of the client. We do this so that any change to the team leader or fieldwork manager will not harm the client in terms of time and effort.

These services are carried out according to technical auditing standards. Presently, an adaptation of the International Standards on Auditing (ISA-ES) to Spanish legislation and the Audit Act's provisions and implementing regulations.


2 Auditing of interim financial statements.

In cases where the regulations require it, Alesco provides audit services for such financial statements, together with explanatory notes.


3 Auditing a single financial statement or a specific accounting document.

For example, in cases of capital reduction for losses or capital increases charged to reserves, as set out in Articles 323 and 303, respectively, of the Corporations Act.



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