Account auditing carried out to the highest level of quality, independence and objectivity, subject to regulations and public oversight. We provide financial, procedure, and systems review services, as well as other agreed procedures performed by independent experts to ensure a reasonable degree of certainty over their content and functionality.

We offer highly specialised advisory services in the transactional processes of buying and selling businesses, assessing economic and accounting impacts on corporate, business and financial restructuring operations, and services that require a high degree of accounting speciality.

We have extensive professional expertise in both the courts and arbitration. In these situations, it is vital to be in possession of evidence developed by independent experts in their respective fields.


Financial information is essential for the company’s management in their decision-making process. However, the resources needed to obtain this information do not necessarily have to come from within the company. They can be outsourced to a highly technical team of professionals who can provide such information at a much lower cost.

Training in financial economics is essential in the business world. Alesco, through its highly skilled professionals, offers “in-Company” business training services to its clients and to the many institutions it collaborates with, such as public corporations, universities, institutes.

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