Alesco Partners is a firm of professionals dedicated to providing auditing services, expert economic and financial advice, as well as the training and outsourcing of administrative services.

Our way of working is based on strong ethical values and solid experience in the sector.


Plato once said, “everything that becomes, or changes must do so owing to some cause; for nothing can come to be without a cause. ”

We live in an era of change, one in which the reality of the economic and business world is in a constant state of motion. In an attempt to keep up with this situation, legislation is also changing faster than ever before, growing in complexity, diversity, and demand. These changes have had a significant effect on the way companies and the various players involved in the economy and society require professional services. As a result, the professionals offering these services must have extensive and specialised knowledge as well as expertise across many diverse subjects.

Alesco Partners S.L.P was set up expressly for this purpose, bringing together a dedicated team of experts to provide professional services under a new joint project.


Alesco comes from Latin and means “ to nurture, to grow”.

At Alesco, our mission is to "grow” our clients by providing them with high value-added services. Services that allow the client to respond to the changing reality they face on a day-to-day basis. Services that provide the answers to your doubts and concerns so that you have the best possible information on hand to make the right decisions, which in turn will allow you not only to overcome the obstacles in your path but even transform these situations from threats into opportunities.

In short, we believe that if we can “nurture” our services which are of real, tangible value, we will in turn "Grow" our clients and, in doing so, also our business project.


Los valores sobre los que asentamos nuestro compromiso con el cliente se basan en la claridad, la transparencia, el rigor y la calidad de nuestros servicios.

The values which we commit to our clients are based on the clarity, transparency, rigour, and quality of our services.

These values can only be understood through a close, personalised working relationship with the client that is focused on their needs and those of the projects but without losing sight of our objectivity, impartiality and independence, which allows us to ensure that our client's objectives are fully met.

We fully understand that by fulfilling these values, we give reliability to our services and long-term trust to our clients; that way, we can both “Grow” together.






Alesco professionals possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked for Public entities and State-owned Public Corporations and directly with Ministries, Local Institutions, and other such bodies.

Likewise, we also comprehend and understand the administration's requirements and the growing complexity of situations involving monitoring, reviewing, and improvements that public administrations have to undertake on a daily basis.

Mainly, we have provided outsourcing services for administrative and economic-financial services, account audits, technical assistance in financial information review processes, and review work on accounts justifying subsidies.


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The highest demand for the professional services that Alesco provides traditionally comes from the private sector. The detailed knowledge and experience gained from these areas are essential in providing critical value-added services. Such services offer real solutions and allow the client to achieve their objectives.



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What has become known as the "Third Sector" is comprised of various diverse organisations, all of which share a certain number of guiding principles such as the following:

  1. The primacy of people and the corporate purpose over capital is specified through autonomous and transparent management, democratic and participatory. This primacy leads to a more people orientated prioritisation of decision-making based on an individual’s contribution or corporate purpose rather than their contributions to corporate capital.
  2. Application of the results obtained through economic activity, mainly according to the work and services provided, or the activity carried out by the partners and members, and if applicable, to the entity's corporate purpose.
  3. The promotion of solidarity both internally and with the society fosters a commitment to local development, promoting equal opportunities for all, social cohesion, the inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion, stable quality job-creation, and a sustainable personal, family and work-life balance.
  4. Independence from public authorities.


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Alesco has put together a team of highly skilled multi-disciplined professionals led by six managing partners, whose details can be found below:

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